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Stuffed animals made with great care, entirely by hand and combining different techniques such as embroidery and natural dyeing


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bunny doll


Little and adorable, bunnies are without a doubt your favourites. With corduroy overalls, with a muslin and scarf outfit… You have a lot of clothing options to dress them!


heirloom doll


Limited edition dolls ideal for collectors. Handmade with the best quality linen and cotton fabrics. Each detail of the face is hand-embroidered, so none are exactly the same. That gives them more personality and a touch of exclusivity.


cat doll


It’s always a good time to eat a can of tuna or sharpen your nails on the curtains. In beige or grey, choose your most playful kitty and dress him/her in the dungarees color that you like the most.

bear doll


Olmo is a very huggable linen doll. Olmo is a solitary bear that lives in the mountains and is rarely seen. On summer nights he likes to sit and gaze at the stars. He is quite gluttonous and eats practically everything, but what gives him the most joy in this world is finding a hive full of juicy and cloying honey.


monkey doll


Coco is a very cheerful little monkey who most of the day play with his brothers. He once was in the big city, and there he was always sad: there were no trees to climb and he missed his family… But he got to return to the jungle and was very happy again.