About me

Hi, my name is Abril and I sew all you can see in Pepita Calabaza in my small workshop in Valencia. Although I studied History, I immediately realized that I wanted to work as an artisan, so I began to restore some pieces of furniture at an atelier, while I learnt to gild water and other techniques used in works and ancient objects restoration. I spent several years working among gold sheets, paint brushes and palette knives. Maybe that’s why I like everything that has to do with other ages and lives, handmade work and everyday objects coming from an atelier, the materials that are used and its stories. Years ago my grandmother gave me her old pedal Singer and it immediately became my great friend. I enjoy the old sound coming from it while I’m sewing up. I feel it like I’m writing on the fabric. From there they have come from the first to the last dolls that I have been creating, and in which I also use different techniques, such as embroidery, hand knitting or natural dyeing. The result is these small and delicate cloth animals that tell a story, that of a sewing machine that survived the new times and that wants to continue writing.


In my instagram account you can see all the news of Pepita Calabaza.