Olmo the bear

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Olmo is a solitary bear that lives in the mountains and is rarely seen. On summer nights he likes to sit and gaze at the stars. He is quite gluttonous and eats practically everything, but what gives him the most joy in this world is finding a hive full of juicy and cloying honey.

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Made with a beautiful organic cotton and hemp canvas. Details of face are hand-embroidered. He wears a red linen pants. Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly stuffing, mainly from the recycling of bottles.

Materials: organic cotton and hemp canvas, linen fabric, hypoallergenic polyester stuffing.

Size: 25 cm

This doll is shipped wrapped in tissue paper and inside a cardboard box.

Care: You can easily machine wash the doll using a soft cycle and dry him in the shade, without squeezing or twisting. I recommend hand washing clothes and scarf in cold water.